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Classification of Non-woven Fabrics

Classification of Non-woven Fabrics

Issue Time:2019-10-02
Classification of Non-woven Fabrics
spun-bonded non-woven cloth
Spinning adhesion non-woven fabric is in the polymer has been extruded, stretch and form continuous filament, filament laid into a network, fiber network after its own adhesion, thermal adhesion, chemical adhesion or mechanical reinforcement method, so that the fiber network into non-woven fabric.
melt blown non-woven cloth
Melt-blown non-woven process: polymer feeding - melt extrusion - fiber formation - cooling - into a network - reinforcement into cloth.
spunlace nonwoven
Spunlace technology is to spray high pressure water into a layer or several layers of fiber network, so that the fibers are intertwined with each other, so that the fiber network can be strengthened and have a certain strength.
heat - bonded non-woven cloth
Heat agglutinate nonwoven cloth is to point to join fiber shape or powdery hot melt in fiber net agglutinate consolidate material, fiber net repasses heat melt cooling agglutinate into cloth. 
pulp into a network of non-woven cloth
Air flow into the network of non-woven cloth can also be called dust-free paper, dry paper non-woven cloth.It is to use airflow into the network technology to open the wood pulp fiberboard into a single fiber state, and then use airflow method to make the fiber agglutinate in the screen, fiber network reinforcement into cloth.
Wet non-woven cloth
Wet non-woven cloth is to loosen the fiber raw materials in the water medium into a single fiber, and mix different fiber raw materials at the same time to make fiber suspension slurry. The suspension slurry is transported to the mesh-forming mechanism, and the fiber becomes a net under the wet state and then strengthens into cloth.
needling non-woven cloth
Needling non-woven cloth is a kind of dry non-woven cloth, needling non-woven cloth is to use the puncture effect of the needle to strengthen the fluffy fiber net into cloth.
sew plait nonwovens
Sewn woven non-woven fabric is a kind of dry non-woven fabric, sewn woven fabric is the use of warp woven coil structure on the fiber network, yarn layer, non-textile materials (such as plastic sheet, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or their combination of reinforcement, to make non-woven fabric.
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